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Jun 30, 2011
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Removal and Retention

Congratulations on getting those braces off!  Finally you are free!

Well not quite…  there are still retainers to wear and they are extremely important!.

The purpose of your retainers are to maintain the corrected tooth alignment and new bite while the surrounding tissues adapt.  It is extremely important that your retainers are worn as instructed to prevent any undesirable movement, while your teeth are stabilising.

You must take very good care of these retainers.

  • Keep them clean as instructed.
  • Do not use hot or boiling water as they can distort the retainer.
  • Avoid chewing gum with retainers in, as it sticks to the surface and is impossible to remove.
  • Do not leave them in the vicinity of pets, young children or napkins
  • Handle them with care.  Use the special retainer box to safely store the retainer while it is not being worn!
  • There is a replacement cost for lost retainers

Regularly clean your teeth thoroughly and massage your gums with your brush and dental floss.  The gums may bleed slightly to start with but they will respond very quickly and return to their normal healthy pink state.  The teeth may feel slightly mobile for the first few days, but will firm as they settle into their new positions.

Please look after this retainer as it will cost to replace if it is lost or damaged.

You must keep your ongoing, but less frequent retainer visits as scheduled. They are extremely important in the maintenance of your new smile.  Your treatment fee includes up to 2 years supervision of the retainers.  For any visits beyond that time there will be a nominal charge.  When retainers are eventually removed, any changes to the teeth will be related to the ongoing natural aging process which may result in minor movement of the lower front teeth.

Should you have any queries or concerns between these retainer visits, please do not hesitate to contact us.  After all the hard work to get this far, we want you to take pride in maintaining the results achieved.

Once again, congratulations and enjoy your new smile!