Christchurch Orthodontics Ltd. - Russell Lovatt & Christine Bailey

New Patient Information

Braces at Riccarton Orthodontic PracticeUsing state of the art orthodontic techniques,Dr Russell Lovatt and Dr Christine Bailey have been improving the smiles of Canterbury children and adults since 2000. Formerly of the RIccarton Orthodontic Practice, Russell created his own business Christchurch Orthodontics in 2012, after the Canterbury Earthquakes and buidling reports displaced Riccarton Orthodontic Practice out of their building. In May 2015 we were joined by Dr Christine Bailey who is Christchurch born and bred, and had been working as an Orthodontist in Melbourne since graduating in 2009, both in private practice and at the Royal Melbourne Dental Hospital, where she has also been teaching orthodontics to dental students.

Both Russell and Chrissy have the Orthodontic philosophy to provide tailor made optimal treatment comfort, function and aesthetics for the long term.

At Christchurch Orthodontics we truly appreciate the opportunity to provide for your orthodontic care and look forward to welcoming you and your family to our exciting new practice.

In an atmosphere of comfort and trust, and fun Russell, Chrissy and the team believe in getting to know our patients.

Specialising in orthodontics for patients of all ages and stages of life, we are very much a technologically progressive practice with a strong family-orientated and caring focus.

Your first visit to our practice is an opportunity for us to get to know each other, and what you would like to achieve.

An information packet will be posted or emailed to you once you have made your first appointment. Prior to this first visit we ask that you forward or email the following information to the practice;

  • Completed medical history form (can be downloaded here)
  • Referral letter (if referred by School Dental Therapist or Dentist)
  • Any X-rays or records you may have:

      • Email: or
      • Post in the prepaid self addressed envelope supplied by the practice (Christchurch Orthodontics, Level 1, 91 Picton Ave, Riccarton, Christchurch)
      • Fax to: 03 962 0354

    • Download our medical form



      Patients who are already in some form of Orthodontic Treatment, wishing to transfer to Dr Russell Lovatt, or Dr Christine Bailey will need to provide us with the following information prior to your first appointment with us.  As each case is different, and there are many different appliances on offer, we need to assess the patients individual case and needs to determine whether we can continue with orthodontic care.

  • A letter of referral from the previous Orthodontist
  • Copy of accounts or financial contracts from the previous Orthodontist
  • All diagnostic records such as study models, Photographs and Dental X-rays.
    • As there are a number of appliances (fixed and removable) types and techniques currently available in Orthodntics, we regret to inform that we are only able to treat patients with fixed appliances that are compatible with our own systems.  Whilst ever effort will be made to continue your orthodontic treatment, in some circumstances we may not be able to do so.


      During your preliminary examination either Russell or Chrissy will assess your orthodontic requirements and discuss your concerns and expectations.  Patients who are not ready to begin treatment will be regularly monitored for future dental development and facial growth.  If orthodontic treatment is indicated, diagnostic records, including necessary x-rays, photographs and study models, will be carried out at this appointment.  With these records the Orthodontist can determine the specific diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan for your needs.

      What is the right age for treatment?

      It is recommended that  children see an orthodontist by the age of ten, or even earlier if a parent, school dental therapist or dentist discovers a problem.

      The timing of orthodontic treatment can be important and can greatly affect the treatment result.  Early diagnosis and treatment by an orthodontic specialist can help guide facial growth and dental development, which can often prevent more serious problems from developing.  Whatever the age of the patient, our goal is to provide the very best and most stable results, whilst minimising treatment time in braces.

      The development of less noticeable braces has contributed to an increase in popularity of adult orthodontic treatment.  Christchurch Orthodontics is proud to offer Invisalign (clear aligners) treatment options where appropriate.

    • Finance that suits

      As everyone has different financial obligations we offer several payment options to fit your needs:

      • Payment in full: This rewards you with a discount of 5%
      • Automatic monthly installments: Arranged though your bank to commence after an initial deposit has been paid.
      • Credit card payment: Visa or Mastercard

    • Scheduling appointments

      Successful orthodontic treatment requires a series of appointments.  We recognise the importance of your daily routine which revolves around work and school hours, therefore, we have structured our appointment schedule accordingly.  Most routine adjustment appointments are scheduled before 9am and after 3pm.  However, longer more complex appointments and any emergency appointments will be scheduled during the day.

      Should you need to reschedule an appointment we ask that you contact our practice as soon as possible.  We need to keep you or your child on schedule with treatment.