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Christchurch Orthodontics Ltd is proud to be one of the first two Orthodontic practices in New Zealand able to offer the Suresmile alternative for Orthodontic treatment.

Utilising 3D scanning technology, Orthodontic software modelling and robotic archwire customistation, Suresmile technology offer the ability to give more precision, better results, and a beautiful smile in less time than conventional braces.

With suresmile, your orthodontist can design your smile more precisely than ever before.  Instead of manually bending wires in the mouth to move the teeth one-by one into position, Suresmile uses 3D technology to move your teeth more efficiently and directly into their more ideal positions.

Treatment begins as usual with braces being placed and once teeth are initially leveled, a full 3D scan of the teeth is taken.  The  Suresmile softare takes the 3D scan of the teeth and provides virtual simulations for the orthodontist to review planning options and determine the optimum treatement.  The target position of each tooth is planned in advance so the outcome is known and expected.

Orthodontists move teeth by attaching a bracket to each tooth to serve as a handle for the wire. When the wire is inserted through the bracket it delivers a force to move the teeth.  Regular Orthodontic wires are curved in a generic shape.  At the beginning of treatment, these wires are useful for getting your teeth moving in the right direction.  Since your teeth are unique, you will eventually need wires that can acheive specific movements.  WIth traditional orthodontics, the Orthodontist bends the wires by hand estimating how this will achive the desired results.

With Suresmile the wires are robitically bent to your orthodontist's specifications, utilising their knowledge and the 3D scans and simuations. These 'smart' archwires permanently retain the individual prescription and are activeated by a patient's body heat.  The wires are fabricated by computing the wire design to achieve treatment goals, and then sending the prescrition to be bent by a robot.  All the bends your orthodontist requires are placed into one set of wires by the robot with prescision.  Normally, this process would require adjustments over weeks or months when done by hand.

The resultls- Higher prescision results in a more efficeint manner.