Christchurch Orthodontics Ltd. - Russell Lovatt & Christine Bailey

Fixed Braces

Fixed braces are the mechanism orthodontists use to get a handle on the teeth. In other words they provide an attachment with which we can hold and move the teeth.  Fixed Braces involve brackets that are glued on to the front surface of the teeth and occasionally, bands which are placed around the teeth. At Christchurch Orthodontics, Dr Russell Lovatt and Dr Christine Bailey use clear  brackets routinely on the upper front teeth to obtain the best aesthetic appearance for our patients during treatment. Stainless steel or metal brackets are used on the other teeth. This makes the braces far less noticeable than all metal brackets.

An arch wire is then inserted into the brackets. This is secured in place by elastomeric modules or “O” rings.  These allow different arch wires to be used while the brackets remain attached to the teeth.  It is possible to add different coloured elastomeric modules to the brace at each adjustment visit for fun.  You even have a choice of ‘glow in the dark’ modules!


Elastics are a primary mechanism that we use to help move teeth so they fit together correctly.  They can be worn in a number of configurations.

Elastics are attached using hooks that are part of the bracket or bands. Always remember that braces give us a way to ‘hold onto’ the teeth.  It is the wire in the bracket and the elastics that move the teeth.

The elastics phase of treatment is the one that takes the longest with the average patient.  The quality of our end result and completing treatment on time is dependent upon the patient following precise instructions for wearing elastics.  For those who seek maximum aesthetics, we have regular tooth coloured elastics.  For those who want to make a fashion statement, we have fun colours.